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Another CNC Equipment

Release Time: 2017/05/11

Last month, Euloong purchased another automatic Laser Cutting Machine which is more advanced than the first one, and put it into production immediately. So far, our company has owned two automatic Laser Cutting Machine, and compared with the original machine, the new machine has fast cutting speed with less power consumption.

Here are 4 Advantages of the MPS-4020D; 1, automatic digital control equipment, we can start production by input programed drawings in the computer; 2, high accuracy will improve product quality; 3, any shaped can be cut out when the steel plate thickness is less than 3mm; 4, cutting and punching can be carried out simultaneously. To be overall, it saves production time, and promote product efficiency.

With the social development of the times, our company is also continuous growing, and we guarantee the quality and serve the best.