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Release Time: 2020/08/04

As a professional manufacturer with over 26 years experience, Euloong enjoys a good reputation both at home and abroad. After years of accumulation of time and experience, Euloong has become a modernized high-standard steel furniture professional company,... more

Metal File Cupboard

Release Time: 2020/07/10

File cupboard is a cabinet for documents, file storage, which is used in offices, archives rooms and personal studies. Metal file cupboard is superior than plastic cabinet and wood cabinet for it’s eco-friendly, cost effective, and easy transportation.... more

How to Select Steel Office Furniture

Release Time: 2020/03/06

How to Select Steel Office FurnitureIn recent years, eco-friendly steel office furniture has become more and more popular. Choosing the suitable steel office furniture is becoming very important. Steel office furniture has occupied a large market share wi... more

Why are steel filing cabinets so popular?

Release Time: 2019/01/17

Nowadays, the office workers in the city, busy work every day, high-intensity rhythm, busy and trivial office life, often have a large number of documents and information filled, which requires classifying the documents and keeping them in order. The plac... more

Build Distribution Network

Release Time: 2017/05/10

In order to meet the needs of business at home and abroad, our company has set up a branch in South of China and the branch has its own factory and sales team. We can use the geographical advantages of Guangxi province to expand domestic and foreign busin... more

Return the Favor to Our Customer

Release Time: 2017/04/27

Every time when it comes to the furniture exhibition, we will send some gifts feedback to the old customers and this time is no exception. Before the exhibition, our agents contacted their customers positively and invited them to meet in the exhibition. T... more

Treat clients as your friends

Release Time: 2017/04/25

Treat customers as friends For foreign customers to establish long-term business relationship is to focus on the work, have good communication, optimize the upgrading of customer cooperation experience, to provide customers with better products and servi... more

Which is better steel office furniture manufacturers

Release Time: 2017/02/13

The steel office furniture manufacturer is relatively concentrated ,wellknown and countless, most of them are highly distributed over Luoyang, Suzhou, Zhengzhou and Zhejiang. The products of high quality, high credibility, intensive manufacturers are wo... more

The maintenance of the steel cabinet

Release Time: 2017/02/13

1.To avoid directly with the ark of the collision and sharps scratched surface of cabinet put oneself in anothers position.2.To prevent the oxidation of the molding powder, please try to avoid direct sunlight for a long time to iron filing cabinets and to... more

Introducing Two Advanced CNC Bending Machine in 2016

Release Time: 2017/01/11

On December 5th, 2016, our company has introduced two advanced CNC bending machine ,and put them into production use soonly ,which has grealy improved the factorys production capacity and products quality and also shortened the delivery time of the order... more

Project for Lanzhou Military Area Finished in 2 Months

Release Time: 2017/01/11

After two months of hard working, the total order up to RMB18,000,000 of military supplies procurement for Lanzhou Military Area was smoothly offered on Sept. 30, and has been successfully passed the strict acceptance procedure. Our professional service a... more

Euloong Won Lanzhou Military Area Bid

Release Time: 2016/10/06

In the large bidding project of military supplies procurement for Lanzhou Military Area, Luoyang Euloong Company has successfully won the bid in October, 2016. They have ordered more than 10 kinds of steel office supplies, including military bed and milit... more

Rearrange the Exhibition Room

Release Time: 2017/05/15

Our company's products are continuously updated according to customers’ needs, we rearranged the showroom to make customers to more comprehensive understanding of our products when they visit our factory. We removed some old products, added some new desig... more

Another CNC Equipment

Release Time: 2017/05/11

Last month, Euloong purchased another automatic Laser Cutting Machine which is more advanced than the first one, and put it into production immediately. So far, our company has owned two automatic Laser Cutting Machine, and compared with the original mach... more

Our return with fruitful results from the CIFF

Release Time: 2017/04/26

From March 27th to 31st, 2017, the 39th China International Furniture Fair was holding in Guangzhou. With unremitting efforts of everyone, this fair has achieved satisfactory results.The sample has bright color, fashion appearance which attracts many visi... more


Release Time: 2017/05/08

Euloong dedicated to provide the best products and service to every customer. With the development of our company, the infrastructure and production machine of factory are constantly upgraded. With the more advanced machines added in, the new knowledge al... more

CIFF in Guangzhou

Release Time: 2017/04/14

From March 28th to March 31st Euloong participated in China (Guangzhou) Furniture Fair (CIFF) and ended successfully.... more

New Rules of Loading Standard Improve the Cost of Transportation

Release Time: 2016/10/06

A new rule of loading standard is issued on Sept. 21, 2016 by China Government, which may affect our exporting packing and shipping. The rule includes: The G.W. of 2-axle truck together with cargo shall not exceed 18 tons. 3-Axle truck, 25 tons; com... more

Fashionable products of Euloong company

Release Time: 2017/02/13

As a company has more than 21 years experience in the production of steel office furniture, Euloong make great effort to research new products in recent years ,Recently, Euloong released new product, with its novel style, fashion appearance, and free colo... more

Our company English & Chinese Official Website Will be Fully Upgraded In 2017

Release Time: 2017/01/07

Since December, we have spent more time to fully upgrade on our Chinese and English official website, it includes the following aspects: First,we have updated and improved the pictures of our old products and added several kinds of new products . Seco... more